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Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficient Air Compression in Milwaukee, WI 

Save money by boosting your energy efficiency. Wisconsin Compressed Air is a market provider for Wisconsin Focus On Energy, a program that offers financial incentives for leak detection, compressed air audits, and variable-speed drive air compressors in Milwaukee, WI. The goal of Focus On Energy incentives is to help you defray the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. We use the latest technology to help you take advantage of current cash incentives.

Leak Detection

Fixing leaks can save you up to 30% in energy costs. We use turnkey ultrasonic leak detection technologies to find and repair wasteful leaks in your compressed air system.

Compressed Air Audits

An audit of your compressed air equipment is a great way to maximize your use of your current assets and discover new features that could improve your existing system. We perform a detailed study of the demand side (production area) and supply side (compressor room) of your system. From this study, we create easy-to-read reports with multiple solutions for better energy efficiency. We never include filler material or try to sell you equipment you don't need; we just offer practical advice for improving your system and saving energy. Our focus is measuring system behavior and demand profiles to provide the basis for valid design decisions. Audits include:

• Flow, Volume & Pressure Metering • Full Energy Analysis • Leak Detection

Compressor Controllers & Storage Solutions

Gardner Denver ESP-1000 Central System Controller

The Gardner Denver ESP-1000 Central System Controller features a main Allen Bradley processing unit with a graphical touch-screen human/machine interface that will manage anywhere from 2 to 12 air compressors. The base control features the exclusive Bullseye control scheme that uses the Gardner Denver Rate of Pressure Change control algorithm to efficiently add and delete compressors while maximizing the use of control storage (when used in conjunction with the Gardner Denver XMX Demand Expander). The base unit can include Demand Expander Control as an optional feature.

The GD Connect 12 System Controller will manage rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors in a common compressed air system.

Compressor Parts

Gardner Denver XMX Series Demand Expander Control

The Gardner Denver XMX Series Demand Expander Control provides the benefits of managed compressed air storage and reduced system demand as a result of reduced system pressures. When used in conjunction with an ESP-1000 Compressor Control System, the Demand Expander will provide for maximized air compressor efficiency by creating real storage in the receiver tanks. The system is then maintained at the lowest tolerable pressure level, reducing the flow through leaks and unregulated applications.

XMX Series Demand Expander Control

The XMX Series Demand Expander Control allows reduced plant air pressures while maintaining airflow, thus enhancing the process through compressed air consistency. The single valve design provides superior system flow control. The process quality valve provides exact demand flow control, maintaining pressure at +/- 1/2 PSI in most systems.

The use of storage provides the compressor control with the ability to make a measured response to a fall or rise in the storage receivers. With a GD Connect 12 System Controller, the rate of pressure change in the storage receivers is calculated by the unique Bullseye algorithm. This algorithm allows intelligent energy efficient loading and operational decisions to be made. Compressors will turn off and on as required.

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